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Features & Benefits

Minimum Opening Deposit: ₦100,000
Withdrawal Availability: Full & Partial
Loan facility against deposit: Available​

  • Frequency withdrawal more than 3 times in a month forfeited the interest payable
  • Proxy withdrawals not allowed.
  • No loan facility is provided against savings account.

To open a Fixed Account,
You need to meet the following Requirements


Be a minimum age of 18 years.


Proof of identification such as an original Passport; Driver’s Licence, National ID card or Voters Cards (for sighting) and photocopies are required for new customers.


Have a copy of a residence or work permit for foreign account holders is required.

One Passport

One (1) passport photograph of each authorised signatory (stating the name on the reverse side).


A copy of a recent receipt from any public utilities or private telephone operator not later than three (3) months (where applicable for new customers).